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- - - - - - PRESS - - - - -

" It's an exciting, fast-paced debut that will wet the musical appetite of many. I for one am waiting in enthusiasm for their future releases."
- Musical Mathematics

"I've got to post this recommendation again, the EP is so damn good. Math Heads, check out Living Commontree!"
- Oxide Tones

"Living Commontree are like a breath of fresh air...they clearly know how to play their instruments incredibly well and know how to manipulate and use them to produce amazing sounds.... If you're looking something different from the norm, then be sure to give these guys a listen"
- Music From Rainy Skies

"Althought over far too early after about eight minutes, the EP definitely makes lust for more..."
Digital Kunstrasen

"...their music is fast, fun, funky and punky, packed with melodic riffs, stops and starts and played with technical accuracy...LCT's pure skill, and consistency to deliver tight performances set the bar high..."
- insert[NAME]here

- - - - - - BIO - - - - -

Living Commontree is an instrumental post-rock trio from Manchester.

Influenced by early melodic hardcore and post-rock bands, Living Commontree have a sound that is both punchy and complex. Fusing pace with proficiency, Living Commontree play music with driving energy and math-rock dynamics to create something unique and positively listenable.

Living Commontree's ethos is encapsulated in their live performances - the pace is relentless, the riffs unfettered, and the results unashamedly fun.

For fans of: LITE, El Ten Eleven, Adebisi Shank, By The End Of Tonight.